Test Drive Your Smile

Did you ever expect to see a preview of your dental treatment and your new future smile, before you even commit to going ahead? With Digital Smile Design, you can experience the life-changing impact of a new smile, right at the start…


We plan your new smile

When you choose dental treatment with Digital Smile Design, the first step is for us to take scans, photos and videos of your teeth and smile from every angle.

We then use digital dental software to plan your treatment and your smile result. To do this, we take into account your facial features to give you a smile that sits in harmony with your face. 


A patient smile with gridlines showing the changes made to the teeth according to her facial features.


We show you a simulation

The next step is for you to see a simulation of your smile - in your own face - on screen. You become the ‘co-designer’, working together with us to make any changes you want to the shape, length and color of your teeth.


A patient looking at the simulation of their new smile on the Digital Smile Design app on a tablet.


You try it on!

Next, it’s time to try out your smile - off screen! We use in-house 3D printing technology to produce a replica of your new smile that you can try on in your mouth.

When you see the photos and videos of yourself wearing your new smile, it becomes real – and you start to understand how it could make you look and feel, before your treatment has even begun.


A patient smiling to show her new teeth designed using Digital Smile Design.

Real Case

Experience the test drive...

Experience Digital Smile Design...


We look forward to meeting you! Contact our dental office to schedule your next dental exam. Our friendly team will find a time that works for your schedule.