Gummy Smile Treatment

This common procedure involves the removal of gum tissue, bone or both to expose more of a tooth's structure.

What is it used for?

Crown lengthening is done when a tooth needs to be restored, but there is not enough tooth structure above the gum line to support a filling or a crown.

This can happen when a tooth breaks off at the gum line, or a crown or filling falls out of a tooth that has extensive decay underneath. If your dentist wants to repair the tooth using a crown or a large filling, he or she may need to expose more of the tooth by removing some soft tissue or bone.

Crown lengthening is also frequently used to support cosmetic dental procedures. It is especially useful in cases where the gum extends too far down the length of the teeth causing them to appear unnaturally (gummy smile) short. This can also increase their vulnerability to periodontal disease. Removal of this "extra" gum tissue can restore a natural look and thus improve a smile.



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First visit

You will visit for a consultation before the procedure. During the consultation, the specialist will review your medical history and your X-rays, and set a date for the surgery.

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We will instruct you on how to keep the area clean after the surgery. You may receive a tooth cleaning before the procedure.

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Temporary crowns

If the tooth needs a crown, we may have a temporary crown put on the tooth to protect it. This also makes the crown-lengthening procedure easier because the tooth is already prepared for the crown, and we can see precisely how much soft tissue or bone will need to be removed.

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Final crowns

Once the area has healed completely (in about three months) we will prepare the tooth again, and make a new temporary crown before making the final crown.

Gummy Smile FAQs

How is it done?

Is there a follow-up?

Is there any risk?


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