What is Digital Smile Design (DSD)?

Digital Smile Design is a revolution in dentistry that lets you see what your treatment will look like before you commit. It offers a modern, comfortable experience and the chance to ‘co-design’ your new smile to achieve a predictable result that you’ll love.

What has held you back from achieving your new smile?

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I don’t see how treatment will fit into my life

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I don’t know exactly what I want to change about my smile


I find dentist appointments uncomfortable


I don’t think I’ll be happy with the result

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I don’t think a new smile will make me more confident

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With Digital Smile Design, there’s no need to worry!

Dental treatment with Digital Smile Design is a comfortable and predictable way to achieve a new smile that fills you with confidence.

Why do we trust Digital Smile Design?

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A guarantee of excellence

With Digital Smile Design, we can give you predictable, accurate results and treatment that is comfortable. You can also work with us to co-design your smile and achieve a result that is custom-made to enhance your facial features and personality.

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A Digital Smile Design patient having her photo taken.

1. We listen to you

To get a real understanding of you and your smile, we first take photos, videos and scans of your mouth. We’ll also do a clinical exam to check up on the health of your teeth. We always make sure we get to know you as a person so that we can deliver dental treatment and a new smile that is tailored to you.

After your first appointment you will leave with a taste of what is possible for your new smile.

A Digital Smile Design patient having her photo taken.
A patient looking at the simulation of her new smile on the Digital Smile Design app.
A patient smiling happily as she looks at her new teeth designed using Digital Smile Design.
A treatment room at Houston Dental Implant Center.
A patient smiling confidently after dental treatment with Digital Smile Design.
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We love smiles that look natural

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What makes smiles look real?

Changing your smile doesn’t mean ending up with fake-looking teeth. In our smile designs and all our dental restorations, we replicate the subtle shades, textures and shapes that all real teeth have.

This way, we can achieve a result that looks completely natural. These creations are called ‘Natural Restorations’.

A woman smiling happily to show her new natural-looking smile created using Digital Smile Design.

What does this do for your smile?

With Natural Restorations, your teeth are custom-made to enhance the natural beauty of your face – and not to distract from it.

Natural Restorations

A natural-looking dental restoration created using Digital Smile Design.
A patient's beautiful, natural-looking teeth.
A natural-looking dental restoration.
A patient's natural-looking smile designed using Digital Smile Design.
Digital Smile Design natural-looking teeth.
A patient's natural-looking smile created using Digital Smile Design.

See it to believe it

Before your treatment begins, we give you your ‘trial smile’ so you can preview not only how your new smile will look, but how it will make you feel.

By seeing and experiencing the life-changing potential of your redesigned smile, right at the start, you can have the confidence you need to go ahead.

A patient smiling before his dental treatment with Digital Smile Design. A patient smiling to show his new smile after treatment with Digital Smile Design.

Let’s begin

We are proud to be Houston’s only certified Digital Smile Design Clinic and love helping our patients to smile with confidence. If you have any questions about dental treatment, our friendly team will be delighted to help.

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