Why Houston Dental Implant Center for DSD?

Digital Smile Design is a new approach to dentistry which gives you predictable results and the chance to see your new smile before you commit to treatment. Houston Dental Implant Center is a certified DSD Clinic, one of only a small number of clinics worldwide who are highly skilled and trained in these protocols to deliver the best results for patients.

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At Houston Dental Implant Center, your experience is our first priority

What can you expect when you choose Houston Dental Implant Center for Digital Smile Design?

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A certified DSD Clinic with skill and experience in working with these techniques to help our patients achieve their ideal smiles.

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A full consultation where we get to know you and your smile and examine your dental health in full.

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The opportunity to co-design your smile and make sure you are getting a result that you will really love.

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The chance to ‘trial’ your new smile to really understand how it could look and feel.

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An experienced Digital Smile Design Concierge who will go over your smile treatment and help you navigate what it will entail.

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The latest dental technology which helps us to provide complex treatments in a way that is simple and comfortable for you.

A patient showing her beautiful new smile designed using Digital Smile Design.


We look forward to meeting you! Contact our dental office to schedule your next dental exam. Our friendly team will find a time that works for your schedule.